How to Keep Wireless Network Safe for the Home User?

Your wireless home network can make your personal information vulnerable to hackers. Additionally, people in the neighborhood might be able to steal your bandwidth. You should know how to keep your wireless home network safe.

Set a Secure Password

The first step is to set a secure password. Do not rely on the default password. Make a long and complicated password that includes random letters and numbers. Do not use simple words that someone could guess. You change the password by going to the in your browser to access the router security settings. Change your password once every few months.

Enable Encryption

The next step is to enable encryption. This can be done through the administrator settings available by sending your browser to This is the address of your router. Encryption is sometimes disabled by default. If you activate encryption, then it will become far more difficult for hackers to intercept and decipher wireless data packets from your router.

Disable Broadcasting the Network Name

A final tactic is to go to in your browser and disable broadcasting the home network name. Your router broadcasts the name by default. This is why you can see the names of other networks in your wireless signal browsing pane. If you disable this feature, then people might not see your network at all or will see just the word unknown. This adds an extra layer of security.